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In this video, Stanley Lau (Artgerm) shared his views about the comic market and how he has succeeded by doing something he loves.

In this video, Felix and Sinann shared their hard work and how they overcame challenges in crafting an engaging story.

In this video, Felix Cheong shared how he and Cheah SinAnn got together to work on a graphic novel of Goh Keng Swee before pitching the idea to Marshall Cavendish.

In this video, Wee Tian Beng shared what to look out for when choosing a book publisher and the need to understand the contract you are signing.

In this video, Wee Tian Beng shares the business aspect of comic publication and how he earns an income through selling comic books and earning royalties. This a must-watch interview for artists who want to earn money in the comics publishing business.

In this video, Wee Tian Beng shared how he supported his artists and profited from selling books online and through events.

In this video, Wee Tian Beng shared why he decided to open a publishing company instead of getting a publisher to publish his books.

In this video, Wee Tian Beng shared how the failure in his first few comics had brought him more opportunities than he expected. He advised artists to reflect on their approaches to their publication rather than pushing the blame on the market.

In this video, Wee Tian Beng expressed the need to understand the fundamentals of comics and showed examples of how he did that.

In this video, Wee Tian Beng shared what he noticed about local comics and expressed his concern about the lack of understanding in using the comics medium to tell a story.

In this video, Wee Tian Beng talks about the local comic scene and why many comic artists can’t make a living doing comics alone.

Over the years, friends from the Philippines have been bringing me comics they bought from the comic cons there. Even if I can’t read Tagalog, I am interested to find out more about the new comics and artists emerging. ..

In this video, Murasaki shares her opinion as a comic editor and the challenges she needs to overcome when mentoring her artists.

Kael Ngu is back in Singapore for the comic con next month (10-11 Dec at MBS). Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know he is a rising star in the Malaysian comics scene, drawing covers for DC and Marvel. ..

In this video, Murasaki shared her thoughts on Pura Comixmag and her views on the comic artists who are on the platform.

One of the great things about the Singapore Writers Festival is that you discover new writers you have not encountered before. And from reading their bio, you get interested enough to want to interview…

In this video, Murasaki reveals how she found herself working for SPH back then and the reasons that made her leave the company.

In this video, Murasaki shared how she became a graphic artist at TCZ Studio and her experience working in the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

In this video, Clio Hui talks about what has kept her going in drawing her comics and who are the people who bought her books.

In this video, Clio Hui shared what got her started doing comics and where she gets her inspirations from.

In this video, Clio Hui shared her experience in her comics journey, how she submitted her works to TCZ Studio and what was required of her.

In this final video, Hui Xuan shared her observation of new artists who approached her for advice and gave her opinion on that.

In this video, Hui Xuan shared how she earned a living as a full-time artist and her plan for Dream Walker.

Ho See Kum (He Shuxin) is an art educator with 20 years of teaching experiences. He founded ComixGuru, a cartooning…

In this video, Hui Xuan shall share more about her plan for the Dream Walker’s manga series and her job as a full-time professional comic artist at TCZ.

Check out Singapore Original Comics Festival’s interview with our SG Cartoon Resource Hub founder, Ho See Kum, where he shares his thoughts about the role of comics in school education, his experience in being an art educator, and more.

In this video, Hui Xuan shares with us what got her started to be a Manga artist and how the idea of Dream Walker came about.

Clio Hui is a self taught local artist. Her journey as a comic artist began when she submitted two short stories to PuraComixmag…

Murasaki is the Vice President of Comics Society (Singapore), Chief Editor of, and senior graphic artist of TCZ Studio Pte Ltd. She is also the leader of doujinshi group Comix Pandora…

In this video, Sean Lam shall reveal how he improved his storytelling skill and what he considered the most important for being a comic artist.

Yeo Hui Xuan is Singapore’s first female full-time professional comic artist. Her first debut works – Dream Walker Series (Chinese / English, a total of six books) gained support and sponsorship of the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA)…

Clio Ding is a full-time art educator who occasionally dabbles with making and writing about comics. Clio has drawn Sunday strips for Lianhe Zaobao and Friday Weekly…

Rixou is an illustrator and comic artist of multiple publications, including the international award winning young adult urban fantasy graphic novel series, ‘Pandora’s Scar’.

In this video, Sean Lam shall share what you need to do if you have decided to be a comic artist.

Wendy Chew, also known as Mashi, loves to draw about her girl, her husband, and her cats! Read on to find out more!

In this video interview, Sean Lam talks about why he wants to draw Geungsi and publish it in Singapore.

Ye Zhen is a self-published comic artist since 2006. He has drawn and self-published 12 volumes of his comic book series Singapore Hip-Hop Horror comics (ongoing)…

Jaina Teo is a freelance concept and comic artist from Singapore. Read on to find out more about her!

This week, we feature Germaine, also know as Noirbriar, a comic artist and illustrator from Singapore. She has created various comics including Ghost Cafe, Baumkuchen and GENESIS Blood Debt. Read on to find out more about her!

In this video interview, Sean Lam shared how he began as a graphic novelist and the reasons he left Singapore for Japan.

Jillian Tamaki is coming to town. Well, sort of. For the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) but it will be a virtual panel. In the last two years, we have our fill of online comics panels and events. The endemic stage continues this trend…

One of the aims of starting the SG Cartoon Resource Hub was to learn from fellow comic creators and to distill some of their hard-earned lessons and share them with other artists. That is why we did a series of video interviews with Singapore comic artists…

James is a creative freelancer, providing art direction and accepting selective commissions for original illustrations, portraits and caricatures. With a wealth of experience, he has been invited to conduct Arts Educational Talks and Masterclasses…

We all knew what a Pandora box is, but what about Pandora’s Scar? Rixou, creator of the eponymous fantasy comic series, offers insights to the inspirations behind its core concept, plot and characters.

This week, we feature Yolk Chan Y.Y, who’s currently studying for a diploma in animation and illustration design. Read on to find out more about her and her works!

T. Shuxia or Tai Shuxia / 戴 淑 侠 (just call her Shuxia) is a Singaporean artist, illustrator, and co-founder of the arts initiative Kokoro. She works with various mediums and is presently exploring storytelling through art.

This week, we feature comics creator Kang Jing (KJ) and comic colourist Pavith C! Read on to find out more!

How to break into the comics market? Rixou, author of fantasy comic series Pandora’s Scar, shares how creating doujinshi has helped her gain a foothold into comics publishing.

This week, we feature freelance artist Christine Joyce Wagan, who is also a student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts currently. Read on to find out more!

Loo Fang Kai is the comic artist of Comix-Man and a graphic designer at Lianhe Zaobao, where he also does a monthly one-page comic. He graduated from NTU ADM in 2015, majoring in Visual Communication with a minor in Art History…

Do boys or girls make better comics? Comic instructor Rixou shares her observations from teaching students 7 and up.

 Do artists need to know their audiences when they create their comics? Find out more in this video, where we discussed the future of cartoon practices in Singapore with veteran comic artist and illustrator Foo Swee Chin, and freelance concept and comic artist Jaina Teo. 

This week, we are delighted to feature Singaporean comic book artist and illustrator Foo Swee Chin, also known to many as FSc. Her works include A Lost Stock of Children and Mince…

Rixou, the author of fantasy comic series Pandora’s Scar, discusses her choice to switch career path from architecture to becoming a comic artist and instructor.

I can’t remember when I first heard about, met or read Weng Pixin’s comics, but I suspect it got to do with Andrew Tan/drewscape. He drew this comic about us visiting Pixin…