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Loo Fang Kai

Loo Fang Kai's Avatar
Loo Fang Kai's Avatar

1. Tell us a little about yourself, what you do and like doing?

I’m a graphic designer at Lianhe Zaobao, where I also do a monthly one-page comic. I enjoy drawing, reading, comics (Moebius, Mignola, Stuart Immonen, James Harren), animation, and videogames. 

Single panel comics by Loo Fang Kai
Single panel comics by Loo Fang Kai

2. What makes you want to draw and submit your comics for the anthology?

Creating meta/self-referential work is always fun, so “comics about the making of comics” was an irresistible pitch.

Comics Anthology My World - Loo Fang Kai - SG Cartoon Resource Hub - Singapore

Artwork done for our comics anthology “My World by Loo Fang Kai.

3. Share with us your art style, what has influenced you that makes you want to draw in the style you are advocating?

I don’t think I have a distinctive style (not sure if that is a good or bad thing), and I don’t advocate any particular style. I guess I just try to match the style of my work to the content. For my old series Comix-Man, naturally I tried to go for a dynamic punchy superhero style. For my current (less action-heavy and (hopefully) more introspective) series about NSmen, I’ve been ripping off the comic style of R. Kikuo Johnson – fixed line width, limited colours, and more quiet and restrained.

A page from Comix-Man by Loo Fang Kai
A page from Comix-Man by Loo Fang Kai
A page from Comix-Man by Loo Fang Kai
A page from Comix-Man by Loo Fang Kai

4. What do you think about when it comes to comics-making or publishing in Singapore?

I’ve never tried making or publishing anything beyond what I do for the newspaper. Looking forward to hearing all of your experiences!

5. If money is not an issue, what would you like to pursue in comics?

All my stuff so far has been single-panel or single-page, so someday I’d like to do something longer-form. I suppose if I didn’t have to worry about money, I’d try to do something as epic as “Watchmen”. Someday…

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