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Clio Ding

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1. Tell us a little about yourself, what you do and like doing?

I am an educator who occasionally dabbles with making comics. I have been teaching art and project work in junior colleges for almost a decade, but mostly slacking off when the holidays come and eventually never get any work done T_T. I like snacks, cheese, beer and aquariums. I have six bubble eye goldfish.

Kev!n comic series- by Clio Ding

2. What makes you want to draw and submit your comics for the anthology?

I am part of the team and I needed to set a good example! XD (Actually, I happen to have an existing strip lying around that suits the theme. My laziness knows no bounds.) 

Comics Anthology My World - Clio Ding - SG Cartoon Resource Hub - Singapore

Artwork done for our comics anthology “My World by Clio Ding

3. Share with us your art style, what has influenced you that makes you want to draw in the style you are advocating?

I use different styles for different projects and purposes. One of my biggest influences is Akihito Yoshitomi’s EAT-MAN manga series, I love Mike Mignola’s Inking style, and also Jim Toomey’s Sherman’s Lagoon. (see attached images for some of my works)

Libera Nos A Malos - by Clio Ding
Libera Nos A Malos - by Clio Ding
Nautilus - by Clio Ding

4. What do you think about when it comes to comics-making or publishing in Singapore?

Being a comic artist in Singapore is an admirable and respectable venture! Almost everyone I know who draws comics does it for passion rather than for a living, and many creators do have a regular day job, which makes everyone “indie” by classification, yet they persist to deliver original and authentic content unadulterated by popular market demands. 

5. If money is not an issue, what would you like to pursue in comics?

I would still like to be a comic artist-educator-critic: spend my days teaching, making comics, visiting events and curating exhibitions, and writing about comics. 

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