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About Us
Comics is a form of art where information is conveyed primarily via sequential graphic narratives. As a popular mass media, comics has existed across global cultures and history in a variety of forms, evolving from newspaper editorial cartoons, to syndicated comic strips, comic books and graphic novels, dealing with a wide variety of themes and genres integral to the expressions of cultural identity. The study of comics has recently gained traction globally, yet comprehensive documentations of Singapore comics culture remains scarce.
SG Cartoon Resource Hub is a project undertaken by a team of comic enthusiasts, practitioners and educators to raise awareness of comics as a significant part of our local cultural heritage, promoting a sustainable industry landscape by connecting comics practitioners, readers, academics and the wider community. SG Cartoon Resource Hub is a one-stop resource platform supported by National Arts Council (NAC), that publishes educational articles on local comics history, features works by veterans and upcoming artists, keeps track of the latest happenings, and engages with industry professionals to provide training resources for aspiring comic artists.

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