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My World

– a compilation of comics by 17 artists from all walks of life –

To riff a hit song from Tina Turner from the 1980s, do we need another comics anthology? They do not sell well and this particular one you are reading is not even for sale. At best, they introduce new artists and works that some might find interesting. They are barely edited – once submitted, most artists would not want to change their comics when you are not paying them much for their contributions.

But still, we continue to read and collect them. And some of us, being masochistic, would even put them out. Maybe we do so with the hope that this anthology will be the game changer – a collection of new and existing creators and their exciting comics that will make everyone sit up. And these creators will go on to become bestselling authors with movies made from their comics. And we are the ones who discover them. We are the ones with the midas touch.

One can hope and dream.

So why My World? Because it’s the title of one of my favourite Wally Wood stories – the internal world of a comic artist. Because it’s an opportunity to gather some friends, old and new, together. Because the reality is creating comics is not easy and some of the comics here share the mental stress and wellbeing issues of doing the very thing we love. Irony.

My World is not a perfect world. Welcome to My World. (and to answer the question above – yes, we do need another comics anthology because it is what it is)

– CT Lim

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Christine Joyce Wagan
Clio Ding
Clio Hui
Foo Swee Chin
Germaine Lim
Ho See Kum
Jaina Teo
James Leong
Kang Jing & Pavith C
Loo Fang Kai
Rixou Low
T. Shuxia
Wendy Chew
Ye Zhen
Yeo Hui San
Yeo Hui Xuan
Yolk Chan YY
MyWorld-AdventureofComicArtist- comics anthology compilation

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