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Interview: Foo Swee Chin

Artwork by Foo Swee Chin
Artwork by Foo Swee Chin
art by foo swee chin
Annabelle by Foo Swee Chin

1. Tell us a little about yourself, what you do and like doing?

I am an animal advocate, I like to daydream, draw, being alone in nature where it is quiet. I like to read but am a little dyslexic. I enjoy watching thunderstorms.

2. What makes you want to draw and submit your comics for the anthology?

A friend introduced me to the anthology. I drew it half poking fun at myself and my situation.

Comics Anthology My World - Foo Swee Chin - SG Cartoon Resource Hub - Singapore

Artwork done for our comics anthology “My World by Foo Swee Chin.

3. Share with us your art style, what has influenced you that makes you want to draw in the style you are advocating?

My art style is not mainstream. I have been told it looks Japanese but to the native Japanese, it looks Western. Some would say it is gothic but the goths would say otherwise. Um… outsider style maybe?

art by foo swee chin
Painting Solar by Foo Swee Chin
Foo Swee Chin at her first solo exhibition
Foo Swee Chin at her first solo exhibition, ANSUZ, 2017

4. What do you think about when it comes to comics-making or publishing in Singapore?

Um, the themes- culture, rojak, racial harmony, food, concrete city jungle? I’m afraid I’m not very knowledgeable about the local industry, but I think we have an increasing number of recognised successful local young talents, especially online.

5. If money is not an issue, what would you like to pursue in comics?

To draw and finish the stories I have while I still can.

Check out these links to find out more about Foo Swee Chin’s works:

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