When I first heard of the Doraemon Exhibition I thought it was an exhibition all about Doraemon, where visitors get a glimpse of original manga sketches, design notes…

Zall Bookstore at Wheelock Place will be holding the 100 Years of Wu Yun Exhibition from 27 Nov to 9 Dec 2022…

Lots of comics happenings this month, check it out in this video!

Check out Singapore Original Comics Festival’s interview with our SG Cartoon Resource Hub founder, Ho See Kum, where he shares his thoughts about the role of comics in school education, his experience in being an art educator, and more.

In this video, we show you what’s happening behind the scenes, and how we get Comic Embassy set up and running.

We all knew what a Pandora box is, but what about Pandora’s Scar? Rixou, creator of the eponymous fantasy comic series, offers insights to the inspirations behind its core concept, plot and characters.

Do boys or girls make better comics? Comic instructor Rixou shares her observations from teaching students 7 and up.

Rixou, the author of fantasy comic series Pandora’s Scar, discusses her choice to switch career path from architecture to becoming a comic artist and instructor.

One of the most popular threads on SCC is about the old comic book shops of the 80s and 90s in Singapore. We all have our own memories of Leisurecraft, Comics Mart, Comic Art Gallery, Comics World, The Comic Shop and the uncles and aunties…

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