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Editorial – Issue 20

We’re still in the beginning of December – a favourite month for many because of school holidays and the approaching Christmas and New Year festivities and holidays. Although many of us might still be unable to travel overseas à la pre-pandemic, there are a number of comics and art related events this month to keep us aesthetically occupied. 

First of all, Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) happens this very weekend, 10⁠–⁠11th Dec. The lineups for talks in W.I.P. Lab looks promising and insightful, with many creators and industry experts sharing secrets with aspiring artists. Additionally, by Asia Pac has a booth and they will be selling books for those who were not able to get their own table. If you call yourself a comic fan, do drop by, have the courage to explore what you might have never come across before, pick up a title that may not align directly to your aesthetic or thematic preferences. If you do not have space or money, take note of the title and creator to find out if the title is available online or in the library!

Part of the schedule for the talks in W.I.P. Lab. Image from SGCC official website.

If you are a fan of Doraemon, don’t miss the exhibition at National Museum of Singapore from 5 Nov 2022 ⁠–⁠ 5 Feb 2023. Showcasing the works of 28 contemporary Japanese artists and art groups responding to the theme of “create your own original Doraemon”, it is the first global show outside of Japan. There is also a MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition featuring drawings and sketches by the late creator Fujiko F Fujio, various limited edition merchandise and a dorayaki cafe.

Images from National Museum

Apart from pop culture, the Singapore Biennale 2022 is named Natasha, and takes place from 16 Oct 2022 to 19 Mar 2023. Majority of the artists and artworks are centred around Tanjong Pagar, with 39 Tanjong Pagar Distripark containing most of them. Beyond the main island, there are also works on Sentosa Cove, St John’s Island and Lazarus Island, the latter is only accessible by ferry from Sentosa Cove. on the 3rd and 4th December there are also various public programmes such as tours, art bazaar, art trails, performances, drop-in activities and live music at Tanjong Pagar Distripark.

Image from

In National Gallery Singapore, a new photography exhibition opens on 2 Dec. Living Pictures: Photography In Southeast Asia is an extensive view of 150 years of photography of the region, featuring more than 300 works.

Image from City Nomads:

Asian Civilisations Museum is always a good place to bathe in the aura of genuine artefacts, or to get ideas if you are making historical comics. Their latest exhibitions from 25 Nov 2022 to 26 Mar 2023 consist of ACM and Anima Mundi: Chinese Christian art from the Vatican Museums, and Body & Spirit: The Human Body in Thought and Practice which showcases ritual and religious objects from the region.

Some Chinese Christian artefacts from the Anima Mundi exhibition. Image from ACM official website.

Not all of these events are specifically for or even related to comics, but as comic fans we should venture beyond the conventional comfort zone, be it a particular style or genre, or even a different art form. Wishing all a fulfilling December!

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