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Editorial – Issue 14

Recently I watched the documentary on the local underground punk rock / hardcore scene, Scene Unseen.
(there will be another screening on 17 Sept)

Scene Unseen | Photo credits:

It’s good, and I think we should have a documentary on the local comics scene. Something like Comic Book Confidential, which I saw at the Singapore International Film Festival back in 1989. There were some TV shows that featured local artists recently like Ye Zhen and Sean Lam. Here’s one that had Dan Wong.

Any takers?

Regular weekend activities at the Comics Embassy@Tekka Place have come to an end. There could still be the occasional comics events like the sharing by Joshua Chiang on 9 Sept with the NAFA Comics Club. Comics Embassy could be revived again elsewhere as a pop-up.

Any takers?

Joshua's session 'From Ronin To Detective' | Photo credits: Cerealbox Studios
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