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Editorial – Issue 17

Year end is always a good time for events since the festive spirit puts us in the mood to shop, feast, attend events and have fun basically.

Cosfest 2022 has ended with a blast on 16 Oct. It’s good to see Cosfest returning after 2 years of pandemic. As usual, Cosfest 2022 featured a variety of anime song and dance performances. The performances were open to anyone who was interested to perform. So if you’ve missed this round, remember to follow their social media pages and sign up early next time. This year, they have invited special guests Neneko from Taiwan and Joo A from South Korea. There were also over a 100 artist/cosplayer booths.

Next we have Singapore Writers Festival happening in November. Check out some featured activities in Singapore Writers Festival mentioned in our previous editorial by Clio Ding. Our editor CT Lim is also moderating one of the panel discussions, The Globalisation of Manga Style, which features Indonesian comics artist Is Yuniarto, French-British comics scholar, Bounthavy Suvilay, and Singapore artist Sean Lam on how they have incorporated manga elements in their work.

In this issue, we are pleased to bring you several new interviews, see our interview with Bounthavy Suvilay by CT Lim here and video interview with Murasaki, Senior Graphic Designer of TCZ and Editor of Puracomixmag, here,

Lastly, check out our book review on Geungsi Vol 2: Brotherhood by Sean Lam here.

Geungsi Vol 2 by Sean Lam

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