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Pandora’s Scar by Rixou Low (Liu Jiahui): Undercover Greek Gods and Toxic History

Pandora's Scar Volume 2 - Singapore comics
Pandora's Scar Volume 1 - Image from
Pandora's Scar Volume 2 - Singapore comics
Pandora's Scar Volume 2 - Image from

Official Synopsis:

A world where creatures from ancient myths live on, and age-old battles rage in the shadows of the everyday. In Sentinel City, fantastical beasts prowl the night, pursued by immortal hunters. A young girl, Philly, newly arrives in the city and strikes up a friendship with a mysterious boy, unknowingly setting off events which will open up a new chapter in the cycle of unending conflict.

Tags and themes:

#greekmythology #gods #urban #fantasy #romance #drama #adventure #comingofage #youth #femalelead #manga

What’s it about and why should I read it?

Imagine abandoning your painful past and moving to a new city all alone to start afresh: you rent a small room from a kind old lady, attend your dream school, meet new friends who actually appreciate your talents, and encounter a potential romantic partner who somehow always comes to your aid at the right time. Your life seems to be turning around finally, but then you realise that your newly independent life has an inseparable tie to the very toxic past that you tried to shake loose. This is the premise of Pandora’s Scar volume 1, where Philly the teenage girl protagonist finds herself embroiled in the squabbles of and harassments from opposing camps of undercover Greek gods, whom her (currently platonic) partner Eros is part of…  

Judging by the covers and the first volume, Philly seems to be the typical clueless female protagonist who is brave, kind-hearted and caring, while Eros is the powerful protector and potential romantic interest with an ulterior motive. But what makes Pandora’s Scar appealing underneath such a familiar thematic facade is that while the story is told from a third person perspective, readers get a glimpse of the honest psychological perspectives from both Philly and Eros through facets of their personal experiences that are somehow intertwined. In the fashion of most decompressed manga style storytelling, the narrative unfolds rather slowly with the author dropping familiar references of Greek mythology occasionally, but without too many spoilers. Fans of Greek mythology can look forward to the interpretations of the various forms and roles their favourite gods take in a contemporary urban setting. For romance fans, the portrayals of emotions and struggles of the characters are very subtle and not overly dramatic, with both heart-breaking and heart-warming moments interjected with awkward humour. Rixou’s storytelling is skillful and leaves the readers with more questions which begs to be answered in the next instalment.

Pandora's Scar Chapter 2 pg 22-23 - Singapore Comics
Pandora's Scar Chapter 2 pg 22-23 - Image from
Pandora's Scar Chapter 3 pg 18–19 - Singapore comics
Pandora's Scar Chapter 3 pg 18–19 - Image from

Where can I get it?

Read some chapters for free online at the publisher’s official website:

Purchase physical books here:


On-going Manga series. Physical publication. Monochrome with coloured pages, full-colour chapter dividers and pull-out poster. Available in English and Chinese.

Volume 1 Pandora’s Scar Sentinel City (2014). 104 pages.
Volume 2 Pandora’s Scar Wings (2017). 116 pages.
Volume 3 pending.

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