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Pandora’s Scar ~ Wings by Rixou Low (Liu Jiahui)

Pandora's Scar Volume 2 - Singapore comics
Pandora's Scar Volume 2 - Image from
Pandora's Scar - Wings - Inner page preview

Official Synopsis:

A world where creatures from ancient myths live on, and age-old battles rage in the shadows of the everyday. In Sentinel City, fantastical beasts prowl the night, pursued by immortal hunters. A young girl, Philly, newly arrives in the city and strikes up a friendship with a mysterious boy, unknowingly setting off events which will open up a new chapter in the cycle of unending conflict.

Tags and themes:

#greekmythology #gods #urban #fantasy #romance #drama #adventure #comingofage #youth #femalelead #manga

What’s it about and why should I read it?

Wings is the second volume of Rixou’s mythological romance fantasy manga series reinterpreting popular Greek mythological figures as contemporary teens. In the first volume, readers are introduced to the protagonist Philly, a kind-hearted village girl seeking to start her new independent life in Sentinel City, but succumbs to constant harassment from rival factions of immortals, and becomes entangled with the god of love, Eros. The volume ended with many questions to be addressed: What kind of trauma did Philly experience in her past lives? What part is she forced to play in the political arena of forces beyond her control? How could she tell which parties are to be trusted? On one hand these appear to be fantastic fictional struggles, yet such dilemmas ring familiar in the real world where young adults traverse alienating social environments. While readers empathise with Philly’s situation of uncertainty and powerlessness, volume two sees some personal growth and transformation where Philly begins to venture out of her comfort zone to make impactful decisions. Far away from the helpless innocent damsel-in-distress image that she initially presents, Philly acknowledges and confronts her challenging context with unyielding moral principles to protect those in her community. 

Underneath unassuming aesthetic choices, Rixou’s skillful pacing and narrative brings readers into the story by focusing on the invisible rather than the flamboyant. Action sequences are kept succinct and purposeful, and interactions between characters deviate from the typical lengthy emotional struggles that dominate the romance genre. Instead, characters demonstrate resilience and emotional maturity without being overtly didactical or dramatic. Pandora’s Scar series is an inspiring read for young adults who faces daily struggles, because it does not emphasise on the acquisition of powers or the reliance on heroes as the solutions to perceived powerlessness, but on building positive relationships and making responsible decisions that impacts beyond the individual.

Pandora's Scar - Wings - Inner page preview
Pandora's Scar - Wings - Inner page preview

Where can I get it?

Read some chapters for free online at the publisher’s official website:

Purchase physical books here:


On-going Manga series. Physical publication. Monochrome with coloured pages, full-colour chapter dividers and pull-out poster. Available in English and Chinese.

Volume 1 Pandora’s Scar Sentinel City (2014). 104 pages.
Volume 2 Pandora’s Scar Wings (2017). 116 pages.
Volume 3 pending.

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