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When I was a kid 7: Childhood Stories by Boey.

Review by CT Lim

Boey Cheeming, better known as Boey, the best selling author of the endearing comic series, When I Was A Kid, will be attending the Singapore Comic Con. Here’s a short review of the latest volume, When I Was A Kid 7.How does one review a comic series that is already well-loved by fans and whose first four volumes have collectively sold over 100,000 copies in Singapore and Malaysia back in 2017? More copies would have been sold by now as the series has reached volume 7. Does Boey need another lame-ass review by a hack? Well, maybe yes. There is always new markets to conquer and new readers to win over.

So TLDR: this is worth buying / collecting / CGC and you should continue to make Boey rich. There aren’t enough rich comic artists in Singapore and Malaysia.

When I was a kid 7 by Boey Cheeming

I really enjoy reading this because volume 7 is all about Boey entering primary 1 in the mid 1980s and making friends and enemies for the next 6 years. It really resonates with me because I hit the big 5-O this year. We had a class reunion recently. Some fuckers I still want to smack them down but some I would love to catch up more with at KTVs.I am joking. I love my all my old joes. Although some could still do with some smacking.

Image from Boey Cheeming's facebook

Ok I digress. Back to Boey. I met him recently at the Comics Embassy and he was telling us he is back in town (he is based in USA, lucky bastard) to change distributors and there will be new printings of his books. Which is great because they will serve as perfect new entry for new readers. Except that Kinokuniya screwed it up by chapalang his book display. (see photo)

When I was a kid at Kinokuniya | Photo by CT Lim

So ignore that. I say start with this book 7 if you have not read Boey before. You will identify with that first day of primary 1 jitters that Boey had. But it was worse for him because every day he had to travel to and fro from JB to Fuchun Primary in Woodlands. It was a new school that just opened then and the principal, Mrs Chan Lay Kheng was a terror. I wouldn’t know because she did not terrorize me. But maybe that’s why Boey is a successful comic artist and I am not.It is not all guns ’n’ roses, sweet smiling roses as there are many bittersweet moments in all our childhood. And some abusive ones, which I applaud Boey for being brave enough to put them out there. That’s why despite the lightness (and the cockness of my review) of the drawings, there are some heavy shit going on here. When I Was A Kid series is autobiographical comics and confessional comics to a large extent. It should be studied and written about in journals and universities.But actually I like how Boey draws boobs in his books like this c c

Image from Boey Cheeming's facebook

If you like this, go and read volume 5 too – “I was born in a time of war.” It is the story of his parents when they were young. Boey personally recommended that volume to me.This is the work of a mature artist whose tone is spot on. You can really hear his voice coming through. It is consistent and heartfelt. So go and say hello to Boey at comic con and buy his books.

My only question: what and where is volume 6?
When I was a kid 5

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