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Editorial – Issue 15

If you were to ask me what is the one thing that kept comics artists continue drawing and excelling in their craft, my answer is to have feedback from the audience, and the lack of it can lead to one giving up totally on their dreams. 

Unless the artist is only drawing for himself (which can be satisfying too), otherwise they would love to know how their books have performed. How many books have they sold; who is buying the books and what do readers think about the story? If the publisher can share this vital information with the artists (sales, feedback and targeted audiences), this would encourage the artist to be more proactive in promoting their books on social media.

Because when you know what has worked, you will work harder and make progress. But the problem is many artists do not know how well they perform and making guesswork gets you nowhere. 

Author of The Makeup Toolbox - Shen Jia Hui

The events at Comic Embassy affirmed the above observation. Artists knew how well they performed when they presented and answered questions from the audience. They also know who bought their books and have an idea of their potential targeted audiences.

When you have the facts in your hand, you will see where the roadmap will lead you and knowing what works shall boost your confidence.

Author of The World My Arena, Kang Jing
Author of Pandora's Scar, Rixou & SG Cartoon Hub Founder, See Kum
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Ho See Kum
Founder of SG Cartoon Resource Hub

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