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Editorial – Issue 23

I often wonder if art collectors will go to a fine art gallery to buy local comic art illustrations or paintings, and if they do, what makes them want to pay a high price for an art piece? 

My first impression is for an art piece to fetch a higher-than-usual price, the art itself must be from a famous artist or the subject of creation (let’s say a manga character) must be well known internationally. That is ideally the best scenario.

The next thought is the art subject must have a historical anchor which contains shared memories of a nation or community. Shared memories can also refer to a specific heritage, culture or practices familiar to the targeted interest group. That shall connect the artists with people who shared the same memories from that era and thus make them noticeable to collectors.

Lastly, if the art subject is cute, highly relatable to a specific human trait and easily recognisable, the art is on the way to achieving cult status. My recent visit to Taiwan and ART SG has shown me that manga/comic art is a great way to generate interest among people from all walks of life.

What I saw in Taipei

spy x family exhibition
spy x family exhibition
Mickey Exhibition Taipei

SG ART 2022

That also reminds me of Phil Yeh’s “Places”, published by Eastwind Studios in 2022. It is a compilation of his watercolour painting from all the places he has been.

Perhaps with a little story that goes along with the art pieces, it will land a place on the collector’s wall.

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year 2023!

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Ho See Kum
Founder of SG Cartoon Resource Hub

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