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Editorial – Issue 22

Happy New Year.

Looking back, we wish the artists who contributed to our e-anthology, Our World, had gained more mileage from it. There are good artists who contributed like fsc but the e-book went under the radar.

Maybe e-book doesn’t work (no one review the book) and physical copies still make more of an impact.

MyWorld-AdventureofComicArtist- comics anthology compilation

In hindsight, we could have tried to have more of a presence at the Singapore comic con. Get a booth and invite Our World artists to sell their books and meet their fans. CS Comics and  did that very well this year and provided the space for local comic artists to showcase their wares.

But if we were to do that, we need to pool together our funds and use our own money to pay for the booth. Don’t think we are known to the organizers of the comic con.

Time to save money.

One of the aims of sg cartoon resource hub is to provide a platform for artists to get feedback from their readers. I don’t think we have succeeded on this front. Perhaps we still need physical events for artists to solicit feedback and to make new fans.

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