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Editorial – Issue 2

Welcome to the second issue of SG Cartoon Resource Hub. We intend to release a new issue every two weeks and it will be released on Friday so that you have the weekend to enjoy our videos, articles and reviews.

We had our engagement with the comics community on 25/3/22 evening. It was a small turnout but a cozy and relaxed discussion and sharing. We hope to have future conversations with you.

zoom meet future of cartoon practices in sg tn

Watch the video recording of our session on “The Future of Cartoon Practices in SG” here.

This issue continues our interview with Rixou, part two of the history of comics and cartoons in Singapore and Malaysia and reviews of new Singapore comics.

Ours is a modest attempt and we are heartened to see many friends and colleagues are doing their part for comics in Singapore too. Some new initiatives are anthology, Nice To Meet You and also a new webcomix, Storied Stories. Asiapac founder, Lim Li Kok has also recently donated original comic artwork to the National Library. This will be a boon to researchers.

See you in two Fridays’ time!

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