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Editorial – Issue 18

Issue 18. In my diary, we were supposed to have the final big bang comics exhibition at the Comics Embassy this weekend, featuring all the artists. But things changed. Such is life.

11 November. On this very day five years ago, I launched the first comic book I wrote, Guidebook to Nanyang Diplomacy at The Arts House during the Singapore Writers Festival 2017. Today the book is forgotten, a flop. Even the artist does not mention it in his bio. He has gone to bigger and better things. And rightly so. Even a cultural critic has said the book is “uncritically seduced by a Victorian aesthetic”. It belongs to the dustbin of history. Just like how you feel about me. Such is life and the business of comics.

I have been listening to this song. This Tribal Antidote by Killing Joke.

Lift up your spirits!

Too much pain and suffering, crying
Too many funerals, we know the earth is dying
Gatherers, celebrants, in a state of merriment
This sickness – cleanse us with fire and music

This tribal antidote my choice
Come to the great assembly, revelry, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice

That’s all I can do for now.

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